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Safety Controls Technology acquires Amerisafe


Safety Controls Technology acquires Amerisafe
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Safety Controls Technology, the leading Occupational Safety and Health firm based in Northeast Ohio, has acquired competitor Amerisafe Services.

Safety Controls Technology, based in Middleburg Heights, serves clients across the country, providing workplace safety and health training and consultation to manufacturers, construction firms, offices, and numerous other business types. SCT’s team of experts also creates, develops, implements, and oversees safety plans for various workplaces, including full glass furnace rebuilds and large-scale construction projects.

“The merging of SCT and Amerisafe if a big win for the safety of workers in Northeast Ohio,” said SCT President Gail Grueser. “It will mean greater accessibility to professional occupational safety and health services for workers.”

SCT General Manager Joseph Ventura added that he is excited to add experienced Amerisafe employees to the industry-leadings experts already at SCT.

“SCT saw an opportunity to join these two companies to provide better and more consistent services to employers in Northeast Ohio,” Mr. Ventura said. “Moving forward, SCT will be in a better position to acquire a larger market share by increasing its resources through this merger.”

SCT provides comprehensive services to include consultation, inspections, written programs, submittal packages, expert witness testimony, biological, environmental and occupational monitoring, safety training, and representation for our clients to regulatory agencies.

The acquisition of the Amherst-based Amerisafe will add excellent safety experts to SCT’s already stellar staff. SCT is confident that this move will enrich the safety services we offer, and will show continued success in making all workplaces safer for employees and employers.

Amerisafe employees Greg Reph and Debbie Merryman joined the staff at SCT following the merger. SCT President Gail Grueser and new SCT staffer Debbie Merryman are currently in the process of calling each Amerisafe customer. Services provided by Amerisafe remain constant for Amerisafe clients.

For more information on SCT, please visit SCT’s website.